Rev. Charles Martindale ("Disco Duck") is an inspiration to all water fowlers. The reason is because he can make great music with duck calls. His duck calling sounds like angels singing in heaven. He truly has a God given talent that only a  water fowler could dream about. He can definitely get the attention of the whole crowd and make them zero in on anything that he has to say. Your group will be entertained to the max and will be talking about him for days to come. Not only can Rev. Martindale make beautiful music with his duck calls, but he can also blow his call in the duck blind and make ducks fall from heaven into his decoys. He is an accomplished water fowler who does not disappoint. I am lucky to say I am his friend and have hunted with him for years. Johnny Wink Megabucks Duck Guides
Johnny Wink
      It is very hard to find a conference speaker for senior citizens. Charles Martindale "Disco Duck" is an excellent choice. He is inspiring, informative and funny. The men loved the duck calls, and the women loved the music!  RSEA (Retired State Employees Association of Louisiana) rated him 5 out of 5 on their evaluation forms. This is the kind of speaker (entertainer) you want for your group. We certainly enjoyed having him entertain us and plan to invite him back.  I think that "Elvira" was my personal favorite! Diane Guillot, Event Chairman  
Diane Guillot
      As President  of the Ark-La-Miss Fair, I have thoroughly enjoyed having Rev. Charles "Disco Duck" Martindale  entertain throusands of pre-school and kindergarten children for the past 6 years. "Disco Duck's" variety of duck call tunes from classic, country, children's music, rock and roll, and patriotic music  kept everyone hopping, dancing, and jumping, throughout his performances. I recommend Charles's wholesome and comical entertainment for your group or organization. You will not be disappointed.      
Mike Shields
  America's Minister of Encouragement Dr. Dennis Swanberg had this to say about "Disco Duck" Rev. Charles Martindale. Charles is one of "Thee Real Servants" in the Kingdom of God! he is a refreshment to the body of Christ! He's fun and comical! He can play the Duck Call with a range from the ridiculous to the sublime! Book him, and you and your organization will have some real fun. "The Swan"
Dr. Dennis Swanberg